During the early fifties a number of Omega brothers on their return to Gary from their respective colleges would seek out each other to rekindle the fraternal spirit. They sought and received help from brothers who were members of the Chicago graduate chapter. Among these were Bro. Haron Battle and the late Bro. Milo C. Murray. At that time the gathering of undergraduate brothers resembled an unofficial chapter for the summer.

After a number of brothers completed their works at Indiana University, they started to convene with the unattached brothers of Gary and seriously considered an official chapter. The assistance of Bro. Haron Battle and the late Bro. Milo Murray was sought. Not only did they help in acquiring a charter, but agreed to become official charter members.

Bro. Milo C. Murray having served as a past Grand Basileus from 1949 to 1951, had considerable influence with chapter officials. And as a lawyer, he donated his time and effort to drawing up the necessary incorporation papers.

During the summer of 1953 the Gary brothers were notified that they had been granted chapter status and was to be known as Alpha Chi Chapter, Gary, Indiana. The first charter and chapter meeting was held a week later in the home of the Late Bro. Milo c. Murray. Charter ceremonies were held and the election of officers commenced, and were as follows:

Repository of Officers in the Chapter

  • Basileus: Bro. Benjamin Dobbins, Jr.
  • Vice – Basileus: Bro. A. Kenneth Williams
  • Keeper of Records and Seal: Bro. James Dowdell
  • Keeper of Finance: Bro. Brice Sims
  • Chaplain: Bro. Lorenzo Calloway
  • Editor to Oracle:  Bro. John Peoples
  • Keeper of Peace: Bro. Albert Willis